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First waking

Four of our campaigners wake up in a dungeon, half naked. This was not the place where they fell asleep and as they look through the mesh, they see the warden walking to each of the cells. He walks in front of the first cell and continues on to the second. He see the woman and she laughs manically and he continues on. Next he sees a large man who says, “I’m a tree.” after breaking the wooden stick he continues on to the last cell. In the last cell, he sees a teddy bear who uses charm. The charm works and the guard opened the door. After a odd act performed by the teddy bear, the guard throws the teddy bear back into the cage and locks the door after hearing some advice from the first man.

Just then a psychopath came into the room and unlocked the teddy bear who kills him, takes the key, and locks himself back inside the cage. Two more guard come into the room and ask if the four want to be released. All but the first man say “No.” With the guards gone, the teddy bear comes out into the room and looks around. The first man, Kairon, unlocks his own cell. The teddy bear unlock the woman, ghost, and the tree from their cages. The two guards, Jack and Jill, noticed that the four have escaped from cells.

Two psycho come in with the guards and they prepare to attack the four and they rush to the armory to acquire weapons. Ghost also strips a tuxedo off of a corpse in the closet and puts it along with her bloody bow tie. Looking around, Kairon notices that all of them are wearing collars with keyholes and the teddy bear has too many keys. When Ghost tries to make an attack, her mind goes blank. Kairon goes to hit one of the psycho but misses by two inches. The teddy bear also tries to use magic but his mind also goes blank. The tree then moves forward and uses his strength of stone and causes one of the psycho to lose his arms and dies.

Jack and Jill begin to rush towards the group and two more men rush in front of them. Ghost first tries to change but nothing happens, she then tries to use a key to unlock her collar but misses the keyhole. Then she attempts to use her bow but nothing happens. Kairon then uses his sword to sever the arteries on a psycho. The teddy bear asks Jack and Jill about the collars and Jack rips off his collar saying they repress abilities. The tree then rips of his collar and moves further into the group of enemies. Jill rips of her collar.

Exdeath then attack Jack with thunder. And attack the other enemies surrounding him. One of the enemies looks at the tree and hugs him and then smack him in the face dealing damage. Jill then looks at the tree and punches him in the chest and put his finger in the trees eyes leaving marks. Then Jack puts her arms around the Tree and immobilizes the tree. Ghost then pulls out her bow and shoots the last psycho in the room. Jill says under her breath “Shot through the heart, and your” but then stops. Kairon then moved toward Jack without being noticed and penetrates him with a sword. The teddy bear then jams three pennies he found into the collar and breaks it open but also break his pennies. Kairon, seeing this, puts his short sword and his collar and breaks it open.

The teddy bear then reached out his hand and set fire to Jacks body, letting out blood. Exdeath (the tree) then summons the power of the earth and smacks Jack with the power of his shield. Jill takes the tree shield and hits him with it and then politely gives it back to him. Then Jack takes her fist, unfurls it, and then slaps him. In response, Ghost shot another arrow that was sent whizzing and went directly through Jacks head and barely misses Jill. Kairon The severs the Achilles tendon and make two large strike to the back of Jill’s calf causing Jill to stumble three feet to their right. The teddy bear then set fire to Jill which quickly dissipated. Tree then hit Jill with his shield knocking off his head.

After everyone is dead, Kairon loots the bodies but he is concealed and no one else saw what he took. Looking around Ghost around and sees there is some water trickling out from under the door. The teddy bear opens the door and there is a hulking psychopath. The tree panic because two flies go into his eyes and makes him think its a tree. A lightening bolt from the outside rain come down and strikes the bohemith after the being summoned by Ghost. The Tree then uses strength of stone and hits him. Then Kairon uses his crossbow to his the bohem and knocks him off kilter and makes him slide. Teddy Bear then scares the bohem to running and jumping off the ship. Going outside, the group sees clouds directly above them and the ship is hovering in the air.

On the board of the ship, there were two more escapes convicts who are twirling on ropes. Exdeath was then attacked by one of the convicts swinging on the rope. Ghost then moves to the other side of the convict and transforms into a wolf. She pounces on one, biting into his leg and swinging around on him. Kairon takes out a shiriken and cuts the rope of the female convict, causing her to come down on the floor of the ship. The teddy bear then came onto the battlefield, and attempted an attack, but not doing anything. The male convict then began to attack the Ghost and Exdeath combated him but then the convict hit the wolfs snout and knocked her to the ground. The female convict stood up, regaining her step.

Ghost, being bloodied, ran away from the main combat and stood in defensive attack from afar. Exdeath then tried to ram the convict but missed even though he hit him with lightening. Kairon then used another shiriken to knock the male convict onto the floor. The teddy bear then hits the male convict with a scythe using it as a lance. The male convict then stands up while the female convict is lost is her trance of dancing. Ghost tries to attack the female but the lightening misses the twirling girl. Exdeath hits the male with strength of stone. Kairon attacks the female, from behind, he chops of her arm at the shoulder. The teddy bear then takes a swing with his scythe at the male causing him to bleed out. The female, now alone, twirls around confused.

Ghost, being chaotic evil, decides she does not want to help the group kill the female convict. Exdeath uses his earth sheild, and Kairon attacks, and the teddy bear deals the final blow on the female convict.

They all turn to see a small shadowy figure in front of a large shadowy figure. The man, with spiky hair turns around to see the group and says
“I can’t let you get in my way.” His arms are replaced by large scythes. The man named crow rushes toward the teddy bear and hit him with the blood blades twice. Ghost holds out her hand and had lightening come down from the sky and struck him through the head. Exdeath then used strike of stone attacking the man, swinging and cleaving the leg which are immediately headed. The teddy bear then moved back an attempted and attack but missed. Kairon used his short sword and slashed his back and then slapped crows head. Crow then attacked both Exdeath and Kairon doing damage. Lightening whizzes down and strikes Crow directly in the head.

Exdeath then took the form of a tree. The teddy bear then sent out a burst of healing light to all allies. Next Kairon hit him with his sword. Crow, now gushing blood, did nothing. Ghost then hit Crow with lightening. Exdeath stayed as a tree, doing nothing. Next Crow lifted up his blood blades and looks at Exdeath, then stuck his scythes into Exdeath. Ghost called down another lightening strike, and Exdeath used strength of stone. The teddy bear then attempts to fear Crow but then missed. Kairon also attempted and attack but missed. Crow, blood rushing now, attempts to put the blood back in him.
“You numbskulls wore me out!” he yelled and then jumps off the air ship. He lands on an extra small escape pod. Getting a ghost horse, ghost dissapears into the distance.

The ship begins to shake and the shadow grows larger. The entire group is knocked down looking at the figure. The barge splinters apart and they all get knocked unconscious.


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